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Finished End Corner Options

Please remember to add the necessary overhang to your measurements.
i.e. a 1" mitred or angled corner will require a minimum of 1" overhang at the end of the countertop. A 2" rounded corner will require a 2" minimum overhang while a 4" bar sweep will require at least a 4" overhang.



Bar Tops Only

  2inchsweep (18K)  3inchsweep (20K)  4inchsweep (20K)



Round Corners

  1inchround (17K)  1inchround (17K)  1inchround (17K)
 ri#1 = 1" inside corner ri#2 = 2" inside corner ri#3 = 3" inside corner
 ro#1 = 1" outside corner ro#2 = 2" outside corner ro#3 = 3" outside corner
 r#1 = 1" both corners r#2 = 2" both corners r#3 = 3" both corners



Mitred or angled Corners

corner1inchmitre (25K)Mitred corners are available in any size

Please specify the desired size in the comments box on the order form



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