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Proper cleaning and care of your countertop is essential. By following these simple guidelines, your countertops can last for many years.

  • In most cases a non-abrasive cloth with soap and water will clean the surface;
  • Avoid liquids, especially near mitres, joints or sink cut outs, because they can cause glue failure and lead to swelling of the particle board sub-surface;
  • Use a nylon bristle brush and soap to remove any residual dirt then rinse and dry;
  • Never use abrasive brushes, cleaners or cloths, or any cleaners that contain bleach, acid, alkali or sodium hypochlorine;
  • If stain remains, please check with manufacturer;
  • Do not cut directly on your countertop as scratches will occur;
  • Do not put hot items directly on the countertop, especially over laminate joints, please use a trivet;
  • Please visit our Pros and Cons page for more information about countertops;

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to call for advice at (613) 247-7877



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