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Solid Surface

Butcher Block


Here are a few facts to consider when choosing a countertop.


laminatetop (14K) ssproscons (29K) butcherblock (31K)
LaminatesSolid SurfaceButcher Block

PROS– thousands of colors – variety of colors– smooth surface
 – easy to maintain – seams barely visible– easily repaired
 – inexpensive upgrade – integrated sinks– very warm
 – readily available – chemical resistant– natural product
 – DIY installation – non-porous– DIY installation
 – non-porous – air quality certified– can cut on it
 – custom edging  

CONS– some surfaces scratch– professional install– can stain
 – harder to repair– high heat sensitive– for drier areas
 – visible seams  
 – heat sensitive  



We can help you find the right surface for your project and your budget.




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